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FORT 2 IS OPEN!    Our loyal Dundee Courier was on hand to record the select gathering on 13th September to mark the official opening of our second accommodation Fort. With capacity guests booked later that month and in October and November, the completion was well timed. Using just local labour and specialist suppliers for the furnishings and fittings, the finish is a tribute to the detail that can be achieved. The new building gives us a capacity of 15 double and 6 single ensuite rooms. Also covered on our Newsletter October 2017.       Anniversary Football Match - commemorative game between the Zulu Zebras and the Rorke's Drift Redcoats  wil be on the anniversary date, Monday 22 January 2018, with a kick-off at 4pm. This will be the fourth playing of the match and so far the Zulu Zebras have won twice and the Redcoats once.     PEACE WALK 2018            This wonderful 7km walk around Shiyane will be combined with a half marathon run in 2018 and will be held on Saturday 20th.  A short diversion to the cave paintings can be taken, and a motivational talk will be given at the highest point, looking at Isandlwan Hill and the approach route of the Impi that came to attack the Rorke's Drift Mission in 1879. Newsletters periodically - when we have something to share. Download  October 2017 Earlier monthly NEWSLETTERS:   August 2016         Apr 2016    Newsletter April 2015    Nltr December 2014        Newsletter August 2014       Nltr October 2013    Nltr July 2013   Newsletter 23 April 2013    Newsletter 22 Dec 2012