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Expansion is happening! see our release Expansion Notice 1 A Birthday Party! You are welcome to come to the christening of our accommodation Fort 2 on Wednesday 13 September. Come and wet the baby's head with a glass of wine and our famous Orange Cake. Birthday party F2   Anniversary Football Match - commemorative game between the Zulu Zebras and the Rorke's Drift Redcoats  kicked-off a little after 3pm on Sunday 22 January and much excitement followed. The score line after some excellent play was 2-all at full time and the penalty shoot-out completed with 4-3 to the RD Redcoats. Much excitement to the bitter end and a third-time-lucky win. Players all enjoyed a braai and a beer afterwards and a good time was had by all. The players' medals and the trophy were presented by Denise Devon, long suffering mother to the RDR team captain. PEACE WALK 2017 2           Over 40 stalwart walkers registered and enjoyed the 7km walk around Shiyane with a short diversion to the cave paintings and a motivational talk at the highest point, looking at Isandlwan Hill and the approach route of the Impi that came to attack the Mission in 1879. Orange Grove Dairy kindly donated a drink to all participants and funds were raised for the Dundee Rotary Club by the sale of the commemorative medals, clothign and refreshments. Plans for expanding the successful inaugural event are being formulated for 2018 for Sunday 21st January Newsletters periodically - when we have something to share. Download  August 2016 Earlier monthly NEWSLETTERS: Apr 2016    Newsletter April 2015    Nltr December 2014        Newsletter August 2014       Nltr October 2013    Nltr July 2013   Newsletter 23 April 2013    Newsletter 22 Dec 2012