Activities & Destinations

There are plenty of things for the adventurous to do in the area and we invite you to review the outlines below so that you can plan sufficient time for their enjoyment. Fancy a swim or a paddle in the Buffalo River? A hike to the summit of Shiyane? Or a bike ride around the rural roads? You may like to download and enjoy Sarah’s Diary the account of one couple who spent a week with us.

See below for details on: Guiding to the Battlefields, The Local Community, Horsepower at Rorke’s Drift, Game Hunting, Trails and local attractions, Local Destinations, Day Excursions

Guiding to the Battlefields

Most visitors to Rorke’s Drift will wish to visit the famous battlefield of that name and that of Isandlwana which was fought earlier on the same day, 22 January 1879. The story of 25,000 warriors engaged leaving some 5000 dead remains compelling with the British Army suffering its greatest single-day loss between Waterloo and WW1. As a hospitality provider in this specialist destination we know that our guests’ wishes vary widely, from the detail of individuals’ actions during the dramatic battles to a basic outline of events that will allow individual exploration and discovery. Visitors are all moved by the actions all about us. We offer the widest range of options from the attention of a dedicated expert to self-guided tours. We match guest requirements to the range of skills that are available and should you wish to engage your own guide we are equally welcoming. A selection is on our link Guides will give personal presentations and enjoy the interchange of views with guests’ knowledge and opinions. The popular option is: A historian guide will take guests in their vehicle……………… from R3000 (lunch at hotel in addition) The outline of the day is for guests to be met by their guide at the hotel; get an overview of the initiation of the war and then drive to Isandlwana Battlefield (25 mins). Here you will need to register at the museum (and pay R35pp) and may chose to watch a CD of the actions and take a cup of coffee, then visit the battlefield itself and if you wish, to climb up the distinctive mountain or walk along the Fugitive’s Trail. The walking is optional but you should wear shoes (flipflops are not suitable) and protection from the weather since you will be out all day. The morning concludes about 12.30 with a return to the Hotel with your guide for lunch, overlooking the Buffalo River, the Drift, the Bridle Trail and the Wagon Road along and across which all the movements took place. Proceed after lunch to the Rorke’s Drift Mission station (5 mins) and buy a ticket again and see the museum on the site of the original hospital, the church on the site of the original store and the defensive lines; and have a presentation of the action that was recognised by the award of 11 VC’s. Further option depending on time, to visit Fugitive’s Drift; return to hotel about 1700. All of our guests admire the views from the hotel and appreciate some stories of the history that happened within them so please do spare the time for this unique experience before departure. We hope that gives you sufficient information. You will normally settle with your guide direct.

The Local Community

From the initial concept of Rorke’s Drift Hotel, the local community has been involved and the land that the Hotel stands on was purchased from them, providing capital for infrastructure improvement. The community has an equity stake in the company Rorke’s Drift Hotel (Pty)Ltd so will benefit from the profits and enhancement of capital value of the Company. The Chairman of the Community Property Association is a Director of the Company. In additon the community receives an ongoing income to allow our guests to use the 350o Ha ‘farm’ which is paid as a small Community Levy for each bed night.

Horsepower at Rorke’s Drift

What better way to experience the countryside and the historic trails than on horseback! Follow in the steps of the warriors of 1879 to explore the Wagon Road towards Isandlwana; climb up to the summit of Shiyane to see the views that made history (‘here they come . . . etc); or take the trail to the cliffs beauty spot; or just use horsepower to visit the battlefield or to ride beside the Buffalo River and to Fort Melville.

Game Hunting

Local to us are several game ranches where the wildlife requires management. By arrangement with our neighbours we can offer the chance to spend a day in the bush in pursuit of several species of plains game that will be a challenge and a memorable experience. You will need to have some rifle shooting experience and bring some old clothes. Our kitchen should also benefit from your endeavours, and you may end up with a trophy! We will need advance notice, at least two weeks prior to arrival and you should allow a complete day. ‘Big Five’ reserves are not far away for an intensive Game experience. See Nambiti or Hluhulwe below.

Trails and local attractions

Local Destinations

Local destinations – these are places at less than an hour’s drive away. To enjoy them fully each destination should be considered as a half day.

Day Excursions

Day excursions should be contemplated in conjuction with Local destinations – Guests are welcome to order a Safari lunch from the kitchen so that they can be independent. The destinations below are not exclusive.