Contact can be made in the UK or in South Africa. Most straightforward is by email to or to  We can be contacted at the hotel on the office line #27 (0)34 642 1760 or the mobile hotel phone #27 (0)79 090 5252.

Email to   or to and we will be pleased to assist you. Our full address: Rorke’s Drift Hotel (Pty)Ltd, Isandlwana Road Rorke’s Drift 3016 PO Box 539, Dundee 3000 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa GPS location  :28deg20′.58S  30deg32′.38E   (NB the location is terrific but many GPS navigators have default routes that you do not want to take, so please use our Directions on the Location Page).

If in doubt head for Rorke’s Drift and you should find a sign (Hotel please, not Lodge) or a local to ask. Tel:   due to landline unreliability please use the mobile   ‘cell’:  0027 (0)79 090 5252

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