Activities at the hotel

There are many things to do at Rorke’s Drift Hotel. People visit for the unparalleled access experience to the famous battlefields of South Africa but often discover other reason’s to stay and explore further.

Helicopter trips are a popular excursion. You can get a birdseye view of the amazing landscape and why not stop off and land somewhere for lunch!
The Buffalo River is right outside the hotel providing immediate access for kayaking when the water level is high enough.

Or for more leisurely pursuits, try visiting a local Zulu village and seeing their craft and arts on display.
Battlefield history

Battlefield history

Most visitors to Rorke’s Drift will wish to visit the famous battlefield of that name and that of Isandlwana which was fought earlier on the same day, 22 January 1879. We offer the widest range of options from the attention of a dedicated expert to self-guided tours.
Big Game watching trips

Big game watching

Local to us are several game ranches where the wildlife requires management. By arrangement with our neighbours we can offer the chance to spend a day in the bush.
Hiking trips


Shiyane (‘leave it’) towers over the hotel and a track to climb to the summit can be followed. The ascent takes about 45mins. Access is through the gate beside the water tank. Please ask at reception for a key to the padlock.
Helicopter trips

Helicopter trips

A local experienced helicopter pilot can pick you up from outside the hotel and take you to see KwaZulu-Natal and the mountains. Or take a flight up the Buffalo River and have lunch at Isandlwana Lodge.
bird watching trips

Bird watching

Recent categorisation of the plentiful birdlife all around us and by the river and on the slopes of the mountain reveals a list of over 115 species.
Local Zulu crafy and arts trips

Local Zulu craft and arts

The workshops for pottery, weaving and screen printing of cloth can be visited during working hours and their products can be purchased. Hand carding and spinning of wool for weaving of carpets is particularly interesting since this method of yarn production has now almost died out.


These are places at less than an hour’s drive away – Isandlwana Battlefield, Mangeni Falls, Fugitive’s Drift, Elandskraal, Helpmekaar Village and many more. To enjoy them fully each destination should be considered as a half day.
Kayaking trips


The Buffalo River flows straight past the hotel so why not make the most of this fantastic natural facility. Experienced instructors supervise kayaking and make sure everyone is completely safe.

Contact us for more information on specific activities