April 2016

History is alive!

We were pleased to sponsor and organise the second annual football match between the Rorke’s Drift Redcoats and the Zulu Zebras on 22 January, marking the anniversary of the battle of Rorke’s Drift.

The match witnessed some keen sport and the result from a penalty shootout after full time was 4-3 to the Zulus. The new trophy and individual medallions were presented by Edward Bongar, Manager for Economic Development and Tourism at Mzinyathi District in Dundee.


A great surprise to spot these illustrious visitors beside the river! The Ground Hornbill is one of South Africa’s largest land birds. Our visitors also saw our eight nesting pairs of the Southern Bald Ibis in November and several new sightings were added to our birding list.

Enduro Impi

The roar of 230 trail bikes echoed from Shiyane on 14th October as competitors started their trail ride into the high reaches of Zululand.

This national event was staged for the first time in our grounds and took the advantage of the seasonal low level of the Buffalo River to ride across it on the outward and return legs.

The unseasonably cold and damp day made the hot burger bar popular but the rising river during the day challenged the late finishers

Tourism Indaba 7-9 May

We share again the Mzinyathi District tourism stand at the annual gathering of the Tourism Industry for Southern Africa. We welcome visitors and contacts to The Convention Centre in Durban where we can be found on stand ECA01154 09h00 – 18h00.


We have been pleased to engage Urban Escapes of Johannesburg to promote our great Hotel to the Tourism Industry and have now moved several initiatives forward to spread the news of our successes.

Star Grading

Readers may notice the absence of a star grading logo on our heading and we boldly announce the separation from the Tourism Grading Council.

Our guests have repeatedly stated their satisfaction with our hospitality and accommodation and we now proudly stand behind “graded by our guests” as a statement of quality and value. “Five star location with four star service at a three star price” is a recorded statement and unsolicited reviews from Trip Advisor generously support us.

Guiding – All or Nothing

As a hospitality provider in a specialist destination we know that our guests’ wishes vary widely, from an outline of events to the detail of individuals’ actions during the dramatic battles nearby.

We offer the widest range of options from self-guided tours to the personal attention of a dedicated expert. Here, Rob Caskie greets a group of 14 guests before setting out for an memorable day.

Drought and Weather

Our area is well used to drought and although rainfall has been well below avereage, we continue to enjoy our excellent borehole and to watch the Buffalo River flowing by. We count our good fortune and share it with our guests.

It remains surprising that our visitor season is low during the South African winter when the weather is so perfect for visiting our area. Not too hot and not too cold with almost guaranteed sunshine daily. During May the grass is still green and the summer’s growth still evident.

We have welcomed visitors from Cape Town and the UK during this season who relish the dry sunshine and perfect conditions for walks, hikes or exploring.