August 2016

History is Alive!

We recently welcomed two enthusiasts from Kansas City USA who brought with them original research naming members of B Coy 2/24 who were photographed behind their famous battle site. Included in the picture was the dog ‘Pip’ whose breeding we now know. This confirmed our status as an international destination.

Shortly followed by our History Day, where revelations and display of new material abounded including letters to King Cetswayo while he was in England; the letter written the day after the Rorke’s Drift relief; reappraisal of King Shaka’s opportunities and ability; the Martini-Henry rifle’s advantages and disadvantages; original research on Isandlwana that will be published shortly and an appraisal of Commanders against their application of the Principles of War.

Managing Partner

To assist in the running of the hotel and to do some guiding for our guests we welcomed Paul Garner into our Hotel team. Paul has been guiding to the battlefields for many years, giving his fascinating vignettes of individuals’ stories against the backdrop of the dramatic battles in 1879.

He is also an accomplished chef and will be adding to the expertise and range of menus in the kitchen. We continue to offer the widest range of guides to suit all requirements, and welcome all guides with their guests.

Global Cyclist

Quite late one afternoon a cyclist arrived. On closer inspection this was quite a privilege for us since his objective was to cycle to every country in the world.


His initial trip from his Turkish homeland across Siberia to Japan was just for starters. He gave the time to visit our local school and tell the pupils a little of his experiences. Watch The Guiness Book of Records for his ongoing achievements.

Sunsets and sunrises

We have enjoyed some spectacular sunsets and sunrises this year and were pleased to host the owners of who took this photo, and happily recorded us as one of the ten best destinations in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The picture is now mounted on the West wall of our main building to show what you may miss.

Upgrading of River Rooms

With our limited accommodation we sometimes have to offer our River Rooms to single guests and these are now improved with modern glass shower door enclosures to enhance their ensuite facilities and enhance their quirky comfort.


The serviceability of our landline telephones has not improved and with the enhanced coverage of mobile networks we rely more on these and our mobile/cell services. The Hotel number of 0790905252 is steadfast. Our internet connection will also be speeded up and improved; the onward march of technology has reached us!

Guide Dogs

Many of our guests will have enjoyed being taken for a walk by our resident dogs Scally & Wag who always showed reciprocal appreciation.

Tragically Wag contracted cancer and Scally is now the proud matron of a new pack of younger dogs from the SPCA who are being trained to welcome and guide. You will be greeted by Bandit, Pepper and Lizzie, as well as our smiling staff.