October 2017

Welcome to our roundup of news, from the banks of the Buffalo River

Change on the landscape – Fort 2 Opens

Nestling just to the right of our first accommodation Fort, the new Fort 2 made the completion date for its formal opening on 13th September and received its first guests shortly afterwards.


Under its new grey steel roof, the same round design offers 8 double & one single ensuite rooms, all opening from the central open courtyard containing the artistic fountain. The rooms are named after characters from 19th Century to support the continuing interest in the nearby battlefields, with prime views of the river commanding a small premium. Each room has the same facilities, each with its outside deck for relaxation. The main building offers increased interest in the library and a large screen TV in the bar for that essential game.

This new building gives capacity of 15 double and six single ensuite rooms to enable us to offer the same quality of accommodation for the increasing number of guided groups and corporates that wish to visit the area. We have some capacity bookings for dates in September, October and November.

History day

We are sorry that our annual History Day in August did not happen, but the new building was taking all our attention. It certainly will happen in 2018 and we are seeking material for the activities in 1879 that followed the Zulu victory in January.


We are becoming a regular destination for the active road-biking fraternity, both from overseas and South Africa. Our good gravel roads form an achievable challenge and out local destinations give riders the chance to explore local roads to points of interest.


This is normally a quiet time on the battlefields with families gathered elsewhere and overseas visitors at home. Last Christmas we broke the mould and launched a luncheon feast, and initiated Murder at Rorke’s Drift.

Set at Christmas 1878, characters were drawn from all parts of South African society, contributing two corpses and Father Brown to investigate. One arrest was made. A re-run is planned for 2017.

Winter reflections

Our magnificent aspect has charm in the winter with our mild dry winter making excellent conditions for visitors. A calm tea-time gave our guest this chance of reflections in the Buffalo River from our deck.

Helicopter Operations

Increasingly popular with timepressed guests is to visit the battlefields by air. We are able to support the operation from our helipad with guests doing a guided tour of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift and be back at the airport in daylight.

Lunch at the Hotel overlooking the original wagon drift and the site of the British Camp in 1879 completes a full day.