Our staff are from local communities and provide all the professional services for the smooth running of the Hotel.

Our managing style empowers supervisors and staff to take responsibility for their duties, forming a happy team to meet the needs of happy guests. Their ready smiles and humour will brighten your day, they love to practice their English and if you are lucky, these shy and charming Zulus will sing you away on departure with a wish of ‘Hamba Gaschle’ – go well. Have your hankies ready!

The Rorke’s Drift Community has an equity stake in the Hotel and guests are asked to make a small contribution towards the use of community lands for recreation – currently R10 pppn – as a local levy.

Working Placements

If you are interested to spend time in this wonderful location we may be able to offer a working placement in the hotel. A skill in hospitality or catering will be valued or some technical maintenance skill to continue the training of our local staff in the workings of a modern building on a self-contained site.

A driving licence is essential and a normal stay of up to 90 days is possible on a visitor visa. Just send us an email with your experience and an idea of what skills you could bring. Our offer is free board and lodging for  your stay in exchange for some help, and you will enjoy a detailed insight to the history of the area which you will have plenty of time to explore in detail.